“My hole study shall be upon the passion of Chryst.” – More’s correspondence from the Tower

“I do nobody harme, I say none harme, I thynke none harme, but wysh ever ye good. And yi thys be not ynough to kepe a man alyue, in good faith I long not to lyue.” – More’s correspondence from the Tower

“Good Master Kingston, trouble not yourself but be of good cheer; for I will pray for you, and my good Lady your wife, that we may meet in heaven together, where we shall be merry forever and ever.” – More comforts the constable of the Tower (Roper Ed. Sylvester and Harding 251)

“And yet more bound am I to his grace for putting me into this place, where I have had convenient time and space to have remembrance of my end… and therefore will I not fail earnestly to pray for his grace, both here and also in another world.” – To Sir Thomas Pope, the King’s representative

“I pray you… see me safe up, and for my coming down let me shift for myself.” – More’s words to officers helping him up the scaffold (Roper 101-102)

“I die – the King’s good servant and God’s first.” – More’s last words on the scaffold (Chambers 350)

“Give me the grace, Lord, to set the world at naught;
To set my mind fast upon thee and not to hang upon men’s mouths.
To be content to be solitary. Not to long for worldly company but to utterly to
Cast off the world and rid myself of the business thereof.”